Will Do What It Takes

I just want to relay to anyone interested in selling a home why I think you will make a mistake if you do not consider Dennis O’Riley to represent you. First, a little background on Dennis: I had the privilege of working with him many years ago in the corporate world. Dennis was also successful in that environment and for many of the same reasons: Commitment to his clients, integrity, willingness to do the hard work and consistent follow through.

We recently listed our home with Dennis and in typical fashion his planning for the sale was excellent, his creation and execution of the marketing plan thorough, his negotiating skills allowed for a better than expected contract and his support through the entire effort was outstanding. Of course, it didn’t require a very long time because we went from listing to a closed deal in less than 30 days.

Along that short path Dennis helped with everything from negotiating the final agreement to helping line up the right contractors on several repairs from the inspection follow-ups.

Here is the net on this, Dennis will provide a very focused and personalized level of service and he will do what it takes to get your house sold.